Unknown artist Dubslide comes out with his debut on Suaheli and a taste of the upcoming open air season. Incl. remixes by Simon Koma, Giuseppe Bottone, Marc Rempel and Andie Klaer.  cover/artwork by Marvin Ketteniß


Artist: Dubslide

Cat.no: Suaheli004

Release date: 2012-05-04


01. Dubslide - Zumbahe (Original Mix)
02. Dubslide - Zumbahe (Marc Rempel Remix)
03. Dubslide - Zumbahe (Simon Koma Remix)
04. Dubslide - Zumbahe (Giuseppe Bottone Remix)
05. Dubslide - Zumbahe (Andie Klaer Remix)