Giuseppe Bottone

Label: Suaheli / Berlin Aufnahmen / Hard Disko Records / Beat Tech Records


Giuseppe Bottone born in a small village in the province of Avellino (Spur) in 1988. Begins to approach the music at the age of 10 years, listening to the first DJ sets that took place in the realm of house music in 90 years in Naples. The passion for music led him to totally change the style of life, from his first motorcycle turntable you, buy the first house and learn to mix records together using, realizing that you have strong skills. At the age of 14 years starts to get to the heart of the realities of the local area, where unfortunately reigned house music, his first performances have left the audience breathless, and do the resident DJ in a group, to grow up slowly and to form as a DJ. Changes over the years different styles of music, until you get to love in 2007 techno music, which led him to compose his first recordings. He records his first production in May 2011. Immediately after Ep recorded two other tracks and still today his sound travels the world, in countries like Uruguay, Colombia, Berlin and finally his beloved Italy.


Zumbahe   The Old School   Crackbitch Remixes
Suaheli004   Suaheli001   Fanciful006
My Computer