Two Years Of Fanciful

Two years of Fanciful Records. Its time for our first compilation. Its a range of our best selling and hottest tracks from the last two years. Featuring big productions and remixes by Victoria Rebeka, Frank Savio, Kaster Cordalis, Martin Woerner, Octave, M_Ray, Gora Atakan, Andie Klaer, Positive Merge, Felix Lorusso, Kristoff Georg and unreleased tracks + remixes by Simon Koma, Dario Sorano and Andrasson.


Artist: Various Artists Fanciful021

Release date: 2013-11-20


01. Simon Koma - Osilla (Andrasson Remix)
02. Simon Koma - Osilla (Dario Sorano Remix)
03. Dario Sorano - Foot Path (Original Mix)
04. Dario Sorano - Retrace (Original Mix)
05. Kristoff Georg - Tiefenrausch (Felix Lorusso's No Subjection Remix)
06. Kristoff Georg - Tiefenrausch (Kaster Cordalis Courtyard Remix)
07. Kristoff Georg - Tiefenrausch (Ixel Remix)
08. Kristoff Georg - Crackbitch (Fallhead Remix)
09. Gruener Starr - Draw (Original Mix)
10. Gruener Starr - Draw (Octave Remix)
11. M_Ray - Why Based (Original Mix)
12. Andie Klaer - Tantrum (Original Mix)
13. Gora Atakan - Amazonas (Original Mix)
14. Viktoria Rebeka - Pankow (Original Mix)
15. Viktoria Rebeka - Pankow (Positive Merge Remix)
16. Frank Savio - Darkness 2.1 (Original Mix)
17. Frank Savio & Dominic Banone - The Green Banones (Tanya Aurel Remix)
18. Frank Savio & Dominic Banone - The Green Banones (Martin Woerner Remix)
19. Simon Koma - Splits (Hiknos Remix)
20. Simon Koma - Fine Day (Franck Valat Remix)