Through The Nebula

Fanciful Records is proud to announce its first album release with the italian musician Simon Koma. Mad Romance is a melodic and soulful Deep House track. Through The Nebula is more minimal and deep influenced Techno with the focus on the beat. Further you can find two remixes of Nighter and Splits by his alter ego Hiknos. For this long player Simon has also prepared some special album versions from his recent releases including some new edits and mix downs.


Artist: Simon Koma Fanciful019

Release date: 2013-04-19


01. Simon Koma - Mad Romance (Original Mix)
02. Simon Koma - Through The Nebula (Original Mix)
03. Simon Koma - Shatter (Original Mix)
04. Simon Koma - Nighter (Hiknos Remix)
05. Simon Koma - Splits (Hiknos Remix)
06. Simon Koma - Lacking On the World (Original Mix)
07. Simon Koma - Fine Day (Album Version)
08. Simon Koma - Bluster (Album Version)
09. Simon Koma - Osilla (Album Version)
08. Simon Koma - Fitles (Album Version)
08. Simon Koma - Caristo (Album Version)