Sebastian Zorrera

Label: Fanciful, MOVE, DSR Digital, Produs Records


Sebastian Zorrera was born in the year 1981 in Germany. He moved in 1997 to Frankfurt, where he found his love for electronic music and made this to his passion. In 2005, he brought himself to the laying and proved in 2008 as a resident at ''Wackeldackel'' events. Through these events he showed his growing potential and in 2010 he was one of the residents of the legendary "MOVE" event at Tanzhaus-West in Frankfurt. There he met his colleagues Dj Dominik Musiolik wich led him to producing his own music. 2011 he visited Michael Kohlbecker and got more experience and know-how in producing. This knowledge he used directly and produced together with Dominik Musiolik the track "Prototype" which was compiled in May 2011 at Produs Records for the DjMag in Germany. At the moment he works on more releases and presented as famous DJ his own sound.


The Green Banones   Crackbitch Remixes   Painless
Fanciful012   Fanciful006   Fanciful005

U60311 (Frankfurt/Main)

Tanzhaus-West (Frankfurt/Main)

Vinylbar (Frankfurt/Main)

Dora Brilliant (Frankfurt/Main)

Orange Peel (Frankfurt/Main)

Black & White (Wiesbaden)

Club Digital (Alzenau)