Label: Fanciful, Frucht, akzent SR, Soluxion, Toppaz, Concepto Hipnotico


Born in Germany / Berlin

Active in the underground movement since 1998, m_ray has just started to catch attention as one of the more promising artists of today. With releases on Frucht, Fanciful, Soluxion, Toppaz and Kaputt Music, this man has shown us a fresh take on deep, twisted Berlin Techno, with productions ranging from melancholic harmony to brutal in-your-face kicks, and this all laced with a creativity not seen a lot in the current Techno scene.


You   Tiefenrausch Pt. 2   Ray & Klaer
Fanciful017   Fanciful011   Fanciful007
My Computer   Ray's Chaos EP    
Fanciful004   Fanciful003