Gora Atakan

Label: Fanciful, Drizzly Records. House Foundation


Buying his first discs in 1988 Produced by Torsten Fenslau (Abfahrt) and Oliver Lieb (System). Gürkan S. known as "Gora Atakan" just got in taste with the world of electronic Music, and found it out for himself. While playing his sets and tracks in some clubs in Germany such as (Wartburg Big Apple) he become more inveterated by learning from Discomania, Intergroove and Neuton Distribution, so that he gained the 1st Place at the Dj Contest in Kassel Lochmaben in 1999. In 2002, he became acquainted with the producers of the Babylon Central Studios, Christian Walter, Andreas Velte, Mark G. and Frank Savio. With the excellent advice from his Producer colleagues, Gora Atakan expanded his knowledge very fast, so that he now even produces his own "Techno-Minimalhouse-Techhouse" and presents his own Tracks and Remixes in live performances and Dj Sets. Gora Atakan became father of 3 children, and despite of the fact, that he worked in different areas in the meantime, he did not lose the passion for electronic music.


Amazonas Pt. 2   Amazonas
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