Read and understand! One mistake and your work goes unlisten in my trashcan!    


• At first please listen to our tracks, time is a very important good!

• NEVER use mp3 for your demo, we accept only WAVE or AIFF quality!

• Don't submit a work in progress!

• Not snipped!

• Don't write me, i will send my work! Do it or not!


• Click on the DropBox-button  in order to send your work to our soundcloud-demo-inbox!

• Put the artist name and the track title on "Track Name"!

• Put also some infos about yourself and your e-mail address on the "Track Description"!

• Privat only with choise for download!

Send me
your sounds





If we feel that our services will benefit you, and vice-versa, we get back during 2 weeks. Please do not take it personal if you don't get a response. It simply means that we may not be the best label for you.