Release News

Artist: Fresh Otis

EP: Blowfish Fanciful025

Release date: 2014-10-14


Fresh Otis debuted on our label Fanciful. He is an Austrian Dj and Producer and already signed on labels like Spielstaub and Italo Business for name just a few. His tracks are a journey into a technoid and dark sphere. All in all the project is focused on pumping Techno with an peak time attitude.

 Artist News

Fresh Otis is dj and producer from vienna, austria. His career began with gigs at local clubs of the techno scene in 1996. He left austria for asia in 1998. There he worked as audio cutter for bollywood movies. He returned to europe in 2004 and since that time he has techno-fan from all ever the world. He played in india, thailand, cuba, vietnam, greece, bulgaria, iceland, france, italy, austria and of course germany. 2012 he took over at the infamous cave club in salzburg which increased his fame & led to first sizeable label contracts. Fresh Otis produce for renowned labels such as italo business (italy), vk techno (argentina), ksx sounds (australia), subwoofer records (italy) and of course spielstaub records (germany).

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