Fanciful024 - NICORUS - LA NUIT

After his remix for Patrik Berg on our 023 Nicorus strikes back with his first ep on Fanciful. The ep includes 4 massive techno and tech-house tracks and a remix by Asem Shama.


01. Nicorus - La Nuit (Original Mix)

02. Nicorus - The Orientalist (Original Mix)

03. Nicorus - Deleever (Original Mix)

04. Nicorus - Deleever (Asem Shama Remix)


NICORUS is a Berlin based Dj and Producer, originaly from Toulouse in the south west of france. Nicorus and music is a very long story, he started listening a lot different kind of music since he turned 7 year old (Rock, Punk, Metal, reggae, Hip Hop, World and so on). But he discovered electronic music with Asian dub foundation, High tone and the big dub and drum & bass movement in france end of 90's. Feeling the urge to dig deeper into the phenomenon of electronic music, he decided to quit France to Berlin. Landing directly into the houses project scene where he found his love for Berlin underground techno scene. Since then Nicorus has been playing at underground parties as well as at some of Berlins biggest clubs. He got in 2013 a degree in Sound design and released his first remix of kölner combo „Atlantik“ on Keller label in 2013, came after one remix and one track released on Code2 record. Two Eps are coming this summer on Fanciful and Keller. Nicorus panel of music is quite big, he is able to play from Ambient to Psytrance through Deep house, house, tech house, but his favorite music is Techno and Astro Techno (kind of progressive or often called Neotrance). He also love to add world element in his music. He will make you first sweat with a big Techno and will finish his set with dreamy, psychedelic vibes. Close your eyes and enjoy the sound :) Nicorus was/is big influenced by Rone, Max cooper, Extrawelt, Minilogue, Microtraum, Dusty kid just to give a few name cause the List is Huge !!


The release Aquamarin by Patrik Berg was the inspiration behind the idea of this reworks. For this reason we are proud to feature some of todays hottest techno newcomer Nicorus, Marleen Polakowski and Antipolar.


01. Patrik Berg - Aquamarin (Marleen Polakowski Remix)

02. Patrik Berg - Twisted (Antipolar Remix)

03. Patrik Berg - Twisted (Nicorus Remix)


We are proud to present our latest discovery Patrik Berg. The outlandish name of his debut release Aquamarin stands for melodic tech-house with the emphasis on pumping beats. The leading heads of Fanciful needed a lot of time to find the perfect musical start in the year 2014, what ended up by signing a new artist. The EP Aquamarin is going to be one of many successful releases by Fanciful in cooperation with Patrik Berg.


01. Patrik Berg - Aquamarin (Original Mix)

02. Patrik Berg - Multi-X (Original Mix)

03. Patrik Berg - Twisted (Original Mix)


Patrik Berg (*1985 in Bonn, Germany) works as a Producer and DJ. He is currently studying Music Production and Audio Engineering in Cologne. Since 2007 he is intensely engaged in music production. With a conceptual approach he tries to reach a wide scale of sounds in a multi- layered way. His sound is presented with the aim not to provide an idealistic view but to identify where music, the environment and the heart are fundamental. The energy of his sound and its emotional and uplifting moods are always essential and his work directly responds to the surrounding environment. In 2013, he reached a lot of attention in consequence of his published tracks on Soundcloud. Ever since he has also started his career as a DJ as the promoter and party people appreciate his individual sound which is clearly standing out to the crowd.


Two years of Fanciful Records. Its time for our first compilation. Its a range of our best selling and hottest tracks from the last two years. Featuring big productions and remixes by Victoria Rebeka, Frank Savio, Kaster Cordalis, Martin Woerner, Octave, M_Ray, Gora Atakan, Andie Klaer, Positive Merge, Felix Lorusso, Kristoff Georg and unreleased tracks + remixes by Simon Koma, Dario Sorano and Andrasson.


01. Simon Koma - Osilla (Andrasson Remix)

02. Simon Koma - Osilla (Dario Sorano Remix)

03. Dario Sorano - Foot Path (Original Mix)

04. Dario Sorano - Retrace (Original Mix)

05. Kristoff Georg - Tiefenrausch (Felix Lorusso's No Subjection Remix)

06. Kristoff Georg - Tiefenrausch (Kaster Cordalis Courtyard Remix)

07. Kristoff Georg - Tiefenrausch (Ixel Remix)

08. Kristoff Georg - Crackbitch (Fallhead Remix)

09. Gruener Starr - Draw (Original Mix)

10. Gruener Starr - Draw (Octave Remix)

11. M_Ray - Why Based (Original Mix)

12. Andie Klaer - Tantrum (Original Mix)

13. Gora Atakan - Amazonas (Original Mix)

14. Viktoria Rebeka - Pankow (Original Mix)

15. Viktoria Rebeka - Pankow (Positive Merge Remix)

16. Frank Savio - Darkness 2.1 (Original Mix)

17. Frank Savio & Dominic Banone - The Green Banones (Tanya Aurel Remix)

18. Frank Savio & Dominic Banone - The Green Banones (Martin Woerner Remix)

19. Simon Koma - Splits (Hiknos Remix)

20. Simon Koma - Fine Day (Franck Valat Remix)